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My Sokcho Bucket List

Sokcho offers everything from trendy hot spots to cool beaches telling the stories and memories of people. Now, it is time to begin your journey and slowly fall in love with Sokcho.

Sokcho is nestled between the deep blue East Sea and Seoraksan Mountain that stretches several cities in Gangwon-do Province. Surrounded by a superb natural scenery, including the sea, mountains, and lakes, the city is a hidden gem that makes tourists’ hearts beat.

Traveling around Sokcho is always somewhere between longing and novelty. In addition to the nature that is beautiful in all four seasons and various attractions that welcome visitors, places with old memories have turned into new hot spots, reminding us how precious time and memories are. The beauty of traveling is to enjoy what can be only found there. Make sure you find what can be only found in Sokcho and check off your bucket list to find small happiness in your life.

야간관광은 야간 시간대에 즐길 수 있는 관광명소 및 관광콘텐츠, 축제, 이벤트 등 복합적인 활동을 하는 관광이다. “한국의 야간관광”에서는 한국의 풍부한 야간 관광 자원들 중 100곳을 엄선해 소개.

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