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Gwangjin-gu, embracing the Han River and Mt. Achasan, is a gateway to the eastern part of Seoul, where subway lines 2, 5, and 7 pass and visitors are drawn by its charm of modernity.

Konkuk University filled with energy and youths, trendy shopping spots: Common Ground and Star City, and Seoul Children’s Grand Park are all located in the vicinity. Especially, Gwangjin-gu is famous for its four food streets with various restaurants close near the subway station.

The moment you get off the subway, unique and delicious foods unfold in streets. Gwangjin-gu’s representative food alleys are full of cuisines with delicate details ranging from traditional to trendy tastes. Just one delicious dish will excite taste buds and fuel your day.

Sokcho offers everything from trendy hot spots to cool beaches telling the stories and memories of people. Now, it is time to begin your journey and slowly fall in love with Sokcho.

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