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Gangnam Medical Tourism

Gangnam is the hub of culture and tourism, welcoming six million tourists from all over the world every year. It is the center of Korean culture, art, IT, education, and finance, and it is known as the “Beauty Belt,” leading the fashion and beauty industries in Korea.

Above all, Gangnam is at the heart of medical tourism because it is home to a number of clinics and hospitals that offer world-class medical services of various specialties, from plastic surgery and dermatology to a general hospital.

That is why Gangnam has been the top destination of medical tourism, hosting international patients seeking the best quality medical services. Also, Gangnam Medical Tour Center provides quality non-medical services only found in Gangnam, such as concierge service assisting international patients from clinic visits and treatments to sightseeing, and interpreting services in various languages. Gangnam Medical Tourism will be the best gift for a new life you dream of.

한국의 아름다운 건축 여행 순례 가이드북은 해외에서 수상한 한국의 건축물 56개를 세가지 테마로 분류하여 소개하였고, 이색적인 현대 건축물 2파트, 한옥의 미를 간직한 현대 건축물 한 파트로 책을 꾸몄다.

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